'We believe that the greatest challenge in life is to turn an idea into reality.’


LRGR Than Life was formed based on one simple idea – to deliver high quality and visually appealing street wear for those daring to chase the horizon. 
We live each day as it comes, leaving nothing to the imagination. No destination or experience is off limits.
The 9-5 life isn’t for everyone and hating on Monday’s gets old….real quick. Trust us, we know.
 from the streets of the Gold Coast, LTL prides itself on inspiring others to break the status quo. 
It’s not just enough for you to live for the weekend, you need to make each day count. The goal is simple; live your perfect lifestyle, by travelling and experiencing what this world has to offer.
The street wear we create is more than just apparel, it represents an ideal far greater.
Our dream is to not just live, but to live larger. 
We invite you to join us and live LRGR Than Life.

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